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The fundamental components of our Corporate Health and Safety Program are:
  • Formal Written Health and Safety Policy and EHS
  • Management commitment and resources
  • Goals and objectives
  • Baseline evaluation and hazard/risk assessment
  • Training, Refresher Training and Education
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Preventive and corrective action
  • Communication
  • Auditing and self-inspection
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Medical program and surveillance
  • Processes for continual improvement and integration
Our core safety philosophies are:
  • Measure positive actions rather than negative results
  • Hold everyone accountable including laborers, foreman, supervisors, superintendents and project managers responsible for activities that make safety happen
  • Reward employees for performing these tasks
  • View every near-hit, every injury, every bit of property damage as a management failure
  • Make positive safety performances by supervisors and managers a component of promotion and retention
We know that our employees and their families suffer the most when on-the-job injuries occur. We are proactive in training and educating our employees to prevent accidents.

Our goal is zero reportable OSHA injuries.

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